How To Keep Your Upholstery Looking Its Best

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Cleaning

Your home’s furniture is important to creating the overall look, style and feel of you and your home so you want it to stay looking its best for many years. There are some easy ways to help make sure this happens. These range from the initial fabric choice to regular professional upholstery cleaning in Santa Monica CA. All along the way, there are simple things that will help you make sure your furniture looks its best for as long as possible.

When buying your new furniture, be sure to select fabrics that match your lifestyle and the level of use and wear that it will get. If you have a family and often may be eating or drinking on a sofa, for example, microfiber or other synthetics (such as Olefin) will be better for you than cotton fabrics as the former is far more stain resistant than the latter. No matter what type of fabric you end up selecting, you should always consider having a finish applied to guard the fabric. There are finishes to protect against both water-based staining and against any oily residue buildup. Any professional upholstery cleaning Santa Monica CA will also advise this as it will also help the fabric to accept a good cleaning later on.

You will want to learn the ins and outs of cleaning your new furniture in between having it professionally serviced with good upholstery cleaning in Santa Monica CA. On your labels, there are typically codes that indicate the method or product that should be used to clean the fabric with. For example, “W” indicates that water can be used for cleaning minor spots, “S” indicates a special furniture solvent is best, “SW” is a mix of both water and a solvent and “X” means that you should not use either of these things but only use a soft brush or a dry cleaning method. Even for fabrics that accept water for cleaning may not want it to be the first product used as a water ring can form so one should be careful with that as well. Initially collecting any excess material with a dry cloth or dull edge is best and then wipe with a damp microfiber towel in a circular pattern from the outside to the center of the spot.

When you take the time to select the right fabric and color, take care of stains properly and promptly and get regular professional upholstery cleaning in Santa Monica CA,your furniture will looks sharp for many years to come.

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