Use Frac Tank Trucks For Effective Water Hauling

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Energy

Some construction firms, without experience with water hauling in North Dakota or the transportation of other liquids, can underestimate the complications that can ensue. If such a firm gets a contract for water hauling, it is a good idea to research some of the special considerations.

One consideration for water hauling in North Dakota is to determine whether it is a clean or a dirty haul. A clean haul requires a special tank that does not add contaminants to the water. It can also require special cleaning before delivery.

A more common type of hauling does not require preserving the water in any way, only that it be moved. One common job for this requirement is cleaning out and disposing of a well. One general process starts by pumping the water into a storage tank. Afterwards, the walls of the well are collapsed and removed.

A particular type of tank, known as a Frac tank, was designed specifically for this purpose. The term “Frac” comes from the fracturing of the well. Some tank simply stores the water. Others are part of a truck or a train payload for transport. Originally, these tanks were designed to withstand the weight of a full water load. Later the designs were modified and enhanced to allow the take to be transported.

One of the early modifications was to form the tank bed in the shape of a Vee. This was done to reduce the amount of water sloshing from one side of the tank to the other during transport. This helped reduce the problem of jackknife, when the moving load of the water unbalanced the dynamics of the truck and sent it into a spin. Later designs include a baffle system. This consisted of strategically placed steel plates to foil the creation of a liquid wave inside the tank. Over several decades, the design for these tanks stabilized and came into common use.

The Frac tanks were so successful for aiding well destruction and transporting water that it soon became the standard for transporting any liquid. For this reason, if you require water hauling in North Dakota, that a primary consideration should be a trucking company that utilizes Frac tanks. This will help ensure safe and effective transportation of your water or other liquid.

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