How to Find Out about Medical Malpractice in Lafayette, IN

Your health is of utmost importance and deserves the proper care. When you are searching for a new doctor, whether a primary care physician or a specialist for a specific problem, you will need to perform a certain amount of research to protect yourself from medical malpractice in Lafayette, IN. In today’s technologically-advanced age, it is easy to obtain the background information on almost any professional. Before trusting your medical care to a new doctor, take the time to research the doctor’s history to ensure he provides quality care.

Medical Board Website

Any doctor or medical practice can throw together a website that makes them look like they are the best doctor in the industry. If there is not any physical evidence to back up these credentials, they might not be true. Rather than trusting only the doctor’s website, take the time to research him on the website of the Indiana medical board. If there are medical malpractice suits or felony charges, they will show up on this website. You will also be able to verify the medical license is current for this specific professional.

Use Search Engines

Once you confirm that the doctor you are researching has a current medical license and

does not have any malpractice lawsuits against him at the moment, you should still perform further research. Not all lawsuits, felonies or other issues are reported, for one reason or another. This is especially true if the doctor moved from the state in which he lost a malpractice suit and took up residence in another state. Take your research one step further by performing a search on the provider’s name in a major search engine to see what comes up. Including identifiers in your search, such as malpractice, lawsuit or felonies, might also help more results show up that can aid you in your decision.

Use Your Gut Instinct

If your gut tells you that a doctor is not reputable or seems like he is too good to be true, find a different doctor. Your health is of utmost importance and should not be put at unnecessary risk. Medical malpractice in Lafayette, IN, is serious business and could result in fatalities or life-altering injuries. Whether you are having life-threatening surgery or are simply looking for a general practitioner, you deserve to know what type of doctor you are dealing with, demanding only the highest quality medical care to avoid medical malpractice in Lafayette, IN.

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