Help Your Family In The Case Of The Unthinkable

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Lawyers

A living will in Harrisburg can help you make sure to control your situation when your mental or physical capacities no longer allow you to do so. It can prevent the anguish your family would feel in the situation where you cannot reliably express your wishes, that they understand what you would have them do instead of making them try to guess.

Teenagers may feel that they will live forever and everyone else may be quietly hoping they pass uneventfully in their sleep, but most realize that life’s surprises can catch many unprepared. Who plans to be in a coma or suffer a lingering death? Dwelling on such thoughts is unhealthy, but preparing for those eventualities is mature and responsible, and shows respect for loved ones that will presumably have a lot to deal with at that time.

A living will in Harrisburg essentially allows you to make decisions for yourself in the event where you are still living, but unable to express your wishes. Another important function of a living will is to assign those decision-making duties to the person of your choice. This gives them the ability to enact your wishes as well as make decisions for unanticipated events, in a way you would want them made.

One excellent form of a living will in Harrisburg is the “Five Wishes” structure offered by Aging With Dignity. It gives a structure for the most important things one would want to specify in a living will. First, it gives you guidelines in choosing the person who would be making your decisions for you, whose judgment you trust, and whose loyalty to you is everything. Some find that the most important use of this part is the smooth control of important financial decisions. The second point is to specify the kind of medical treatment you would want to receive, as well as treatment you would not. This helps you cap the expenses of your treatment as well as block heroic life-saving measures that you simply don’t want. This comforts many who worry that they would be cured into an unacceptable quality of life, such as living incapacitated or in a vegetative state. The third article deals with the desired level of long-term comfort, including the type of pain medications used, desires for grooming and bathing, and being able to choose a type of long-term care. The fourth wish deals with how they would want to be treated during that period. They can specify that they would like someone to pray with them or read to them. The fifth wish gives the person the chance to express how they feel about their loved ones when they can no longer demonstrate it on their own.

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