How Is Wire Rope Made?

Wire rope in Texas is an extremely strong cable; it has tremendous tensile strength, is galvanized for weather resistance and is heavy. Wire rope is not a single strand; it is made up of many small strands of wire which are in turn woven around themselves. It is this stranding method of manufacture that gives then their strength and just as importantly, their flexibility. Stranded wire rope is often used around pulleys and drums, as the strands above the rope centerline are in tension and the strands below the centerline in compression, it is this construction that allows for individual strands to move as required. A single strand is not wire rope; it is an iron bar which will not flex.

The wire rope comprises many steel strands which are braided around a central core. A typical wire rope designation can be 6 x 37 which means there are six strands; each strand has 37 individual wires in it. It is this construction that gives it tremendous flexibility and load carrying capacity. In this example, the six finished strands are then arranged around a central core.

Wire rope can be made from various materials; popular materials are low carbon steel which is usually galvanized for weather protection, stainless steel and aluminum. Wire ropes made from these various materials all have their uses and offer certain advantages depending on the application. Aluminum wire rope in Texas is often used in stationary positions such as guy ropes on poles; stainless steel wire rope is used in clean areas such as food processing and pharmaceutical locations. The greatest majority of wire rope is steel, either left untreated, bright, or galvanized. Steel wire rope is usually kept well lubricated when it is used with various pulleys, blocks and other rigging hardware.

When selecting the right wire rope for the job, a number of things are taken into account. The breaking strength will allow the engineer to determine the correct size; resistance to corrosion is an important consideration as is the flexibility. Every application has a particular wire rope which is suitable, a 6 x 19 wire rope will not be as flexible as a 6 x 37 and as a result the sheave diameter will be larger, the proper selection requires engineering skills.

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