How Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita KS Can Assist You

Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita KS represents people facing crime accusation, from arrest through trial, plea bargaining, appeal, bail bond hearings, probation hearings and parole. In case you commit a crime, the constitution entitles you the right of representation by a criminal attorney, if you can afford one. However, in case you cannot afford hiring an attorney, you can ask for a public defender. The criminal attorney will advise you on the best defense between introducing doubt, and raising affirmative defense in different criminal charges.

Here are some of the charges that Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita KS handles:

DUI cases and drunk driving
A criminal lawyer can assist you retain your license or revoke a suspension. Sometimes, your case may involve other charges such as DUI charges, for damaging properties, or in case after drinking, you were involved in an accident killing someone. In addition, the attorney will present you in traffic cases. Ticket charges especially car speeding tickets can be very costly. The attorney will work to have such charges removed or lowered.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence is mostly associated with divorce. A good attorney with an experience in criminal law can successfully represent you in domestic violence cases. Also, the criminal lawyer can represent child abuse victims, or people accused of child abuse. You may have family law attorney present you in child abuse cases. However, it is best to have a criminal attorney, as some family lawyers lack extensive knowledge in criminal law.

Injunctions or restraining orders
Criminal lawyer can assist you file for an injunction or a restraining order. Restraining orders are issued to a business illegally using the trade secrets of another business, family fights, stalker, or a disturbing neighbor.

Sex related crimes
These include crimes such as child pornography, sexual abuse and rape. In case you are charged in any of these crimes, find a lawyer with experience in sex crime charges.

Rocky Wiechman Law attorneys will work to ensure that legal challenges you face after you are charged of a crime do not act as a hindrance in future. They handle criminal cases, personal injury cases, DUI/DWI, family law and divorce. In case you are facing any of these charges, contact them. You can also visit their websites for more information.

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