Have a Criminal Lawyer in Warrenton Look at Your Case

It is very difficult to decide how to proceed if you have been charged with a crime and you are actually guilty. On one hand, you may be tempted to protest your innocence as loudly as possible, in the hope that the prosecutors will decide that they believe you and will back off on the charges. At the same time, a strategy of fervently claiming your innocence makes it difficult to do things like work with the prosecutors to try to come to a plea agreement that gives you more favorable treatment than you would receive if found guilty. Before you make any moves on your own, you should consult with a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton.

Any defendant needs to understand that a court’s job isn’t necessarily to discover the truth of the situation. While a jury is asked to find someone either guilty or not guilty, the real legal question is whether the prosecution has successfully proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There are occasions when someone is clearly guilty of a crime, but it’s just as clear that it would be impossible to prove that fact in court. A Criminal Lawyer Warrenton can help you to assess your case and to figure out whether your situation might fall into this category.

When you speak to a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton, it’s important to be as honest, objective, and detailed as possible. Small details may turn out to be very significant. For example, some people mistakenly assume that the charges against them have to be thrown out if they are not read their Miranda Rights when they are arrested. That’s not true. However, if the officer doesn’t read those rights when taking someone into custody, any incriminating statements made by the arrestee may be thrown out. If an incriminating statement is a significant element of the prosecution’s case, this can create a situation where it’s nearly impossible to get a conviction.

A Criminal Lawyer Warrenton can assess your case and give you an honest assessment of the strength of the prosecution’s case, how likely it is that you will be convicted, and what kind of punishment could follow if you are. Your own lawyer is the only person that you should trust for such opinions because that is a person whose sole job is to look out for your interests.

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