How Can An Allergy Doctor Near Birmingham AL Diagnose Allergies?

An allergy doctor near Birmingham, AL can treat allergies and other immune disorders, and they can treat chronic respiratory conditions like asthma. They help both children and adults.

How Are Allergies Diagnosed?

The doctor can administer a variety of tests to determine a patient’s allergies. Such tests include blood tests, patch tests, intradermal tests, challenge tests, and skin or prick tests.

The skin or prick test is the most common, and the allergy doctor will usually try it first. The doctor will use a device called a Multitest that looks like a plastic toothpick and has a small amount of allergen on it. The doctor will use the Multitest on the patient’s back and press hard enough to puncture the patient’s skin. If the patient is allergic, they will develop a bump like a mosquito welt within 20 minutes.

An intradermal test is similar to the skin test, only the doctor will use a needle to inject an allergen just under the patient’s skin. Again, they will wait 20 minutes for signs of a reaction.

In patch testing, the doctor will tape patches coated with allergens to the patient’s upper back. The doctor will examine the patches two days later.

What Is Challenge Testing?

Challenge testing is a diagnostic technique that is usually used if the patient is allergic to medications or food. The patient will ingest or inhale small amounts of the allergen. If they show no signs of a reaction, the doctor will give them larger doses.

What Is AllergyCare 365?

AllergyCare 365 is a needle-free form of immunotherapy in which the patient will place allergy drops under their tongue. The patient will thus not need injections and they will make fewer visits to the doctor. The allergy drops and their dosage are customized for each patient.

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