Home Modifications for Senior Loved Ones

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A home modification is a change that is made to ensure a person’s living space accommodates their physical limitations. These modifications will help the individual to continue and live independently, and more safely. Some of the modifications may include making certain structural changes or adding technology that provides assistive features to the home. The modifications can range from simple tasks, such as replacing doorknobs on cabinets to pull handles, up to a full scale construction project that includes widening doorways and adding wheelchair ramps.

Why Seniors Often Require Home Modifications

The primary benefit of making certain home modifications is the fact that they promote independence, while working to prevent accidents. The fact is that many homes have not been designed to accommodate the needs of individuals that are over the age of 65. The majority of elderly individuals also live in homes that are more than 20 years old, and as the buildings get older, they become much harder to maintain. For example, a home that was suitable for an individual at 55 may have slippery surfaces or too many stairs for a person that is now 70 or 80 years old.

Determining what Modifications are Needed

The best way that you should begin to plan for home modifications is to determine the basic needs of the person living in the home. Some things to consider include:

* Accessibility: This includes making doorways larger, lowering countertops, installing grab bars and placing electrical outlets and light switches that are able to be easily reached.

* Adaptability: These features are changes that are made quickly in order to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals or seniors without a complete redesign of the home. Some examples include installing a grab bar in the bathroom or placing movable cabinets under sinks.

Where to Begin

Prior to making any type of home modification, you need to evaluate the current and the expected future needs of an individual by going room to room and determining the changes that should be made. When you know the products and elements that you need, you should find a reputable provider of Home Care Supplies in Omaha NE to ensure that you purchase high-quality and safe equipment and materials to modify the home in questions.

If you have a senior loved one that is determined to stay in their home, using the tips for home modifications found here will ensure their space is accommodating for their needs.

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