High Energy Hurt Your Budget But A Solar Panel In Hawaii Won’t

Electric bills are a fair amount of your budget and are slated to get higher due to emission regulations. Get a jump on your energy bill with solar panels for your house or just for your hot water. Your electric bill can dramatically drop with solar panels and you’ll also be giving back to the environment by not using power from a power plant. A Solar Panel in Hawaii is affordable due to the abundant sunshine and some of the incentives currently offered.

Did you know that just your hot water tank produced eight tons of carbon dioxide annually to run? Those figures are only for a family of four. If you have more in your family, you would produce more pollution. It’s hard to believe that taking a hot shower can pollute the environment. Getting solar hot water in your home eliminates your family’s addition to pollution in the environment.

Keeping the amount of carbon dioxide creates in the environment from just your hot water tank, could you imagine how much pollution you wouldn’t be contributing if you made your entire home solar? Hawaii is the ideal spot for solar with its abundant sunshine. Your hot water heater uses the majority of you electric usage and by replacing it with solar hot water, you can save approximately 50% of your current monthly electric bill and sometimes up to 80%.

There are so many incentives for solar through both state and federal agencies for solar polar right now. Plus there are low interest loans for solar water heaters. Hawaii itself has the Hawaii Energy Efficient Program. Some of the credits are up to 35% of the installation costs. These types of rebates leave you paying much less for electric, even with the installation of a system. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your electric meeting barely running?

Installing solar to your home also adds value to your home. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just the water heater or for most of your home’s electric, it all adds value. With all of the incentives and saving money on your electric bill, it only makes sense to install solar. For more information on how to save money on your electric bill with solar, Click here.

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