Help With Wichita Kansas Water Removal

Certain areas of the country are prone to flooding from natural causes, but most home floods are the result of a plumbing malfunction. In water damage restoration, Rhoden Restoration Company Wichita Kansas works to restore your home to its original state after it has sustained damage from natural or man-made floods.

What to do After a Plumbing Malfunction

When a pipe bursts in your home, your appliances and fixtures may leak–and if you don’t put a stop to the leak immediately, a plumbing flood can result. The first step in a flood restoration is to shut off the main water valve to your home, followed by shutoff of sinks, toilets, the water heater and other appliances. From there, the experts will take over.

During a restoration call, the team will extract the water from all areas of your home, followed by a thorough drying of your home with dehumidifiers and air circulators. When your home is completely dry, it will be deodorized and sanitized, and carpets and furniture will be cleaned. After the restoration is done, you’ll need to monitor your walls and belongings to ensure that there is no mildew, bacterial or mold growth.

Areas of Your Home Affected by Flooding

A plumbing flood can cause significant damage to your floors, walls and possessions. Almost every home with a basement has experienced flooding at least once, leading to mold growth and electrical failure. Mold thrives in dark, moist areas, and can spread very quickly. Some molds can cause health problems such as headaches, congestion and breathing difficulty.

Getting Back to Normal

After the damage is assessed and repaired, you’re likely to need repairs to your valves and/or pipes. After the repairs are made, your water system is turned back on and checked for leaks. As plumbing failures are a common cause of home flooding, repairs should be done by a qualified professional.

To prevent permanent damage to your home and your belongings, water intrusions need to be dealt with quickly. If you notice a leak in one of your pipes, you should have it fixed right away to prevent a total failure. However, if such a failure occurs, you should call a Wichita Kansas Water Removal service to prevent further damage.

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