Help From Gurnee Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Being hurt on the job is already a difficult issue to have to deal with, and it can be made much more challenging when workers’ compensation is denied for your claim. For individual in Gurnee experiencing difficulties in getting their fair compensation, getting workers’ compensation attorneys involved is a very wise decision.

It is essential to choose only specialized attorneys focusing or having a specialization in workers’ compensation cases. This is a very specific area of the law, but knowing the system and what is required to prove a case is a must. This only comes from experience in working through the workers’ compensation system, and when an attorney has that experience cases can often be resolved or escalated with a much shorter time frame.

Denials of Claims

In many cases, people are denied claims under workers’ compensation due to errors, omissions or lack of the correct information on the claim. By having workers’ compensation attorneys involved when you file, particularly for substantial or potentially debilitating injuries, there is less risk of a denial of the claim because of these common issues.

It is also possible that the business provided information that the employee was not engaged in work-related activities when the injury occurred. It may also be the case that the injury was not reported to the company within the required 45 days from the time of the injury. Employees need to know the correct individual to report the injury as it must be a supervisor and not just a co-worker.

Determining Fair Settlement

It may be necessary to get workers’ compensation attorneys in your case if you are being offered a settlement that you believe is not fair. Generally, the settlement will include benefits from medical expenses, including emergency room services, doctor’s visits and rehab related to the injury.

It will also address temporary total disability, which provides benefits for the duration of the recovery base on the average weekly wage prior to the accident. If the employee regularly worked overtime, that may also be included in the benefits. The duration of these benefits is based on the doctor’s recommendations and the release for return to work provided.

Permanent partial disability is more complicated and includes the weekly average wage as well as the minimum and maximum limits set for the particular injury or affected part of the body. In cases where the injury will permanently impact the Gurnee employee’s ability to return to work, workers’ compensation attorneys can help you to obtain a percentage of any decrease in wages.

As each case is different, it is important to speak to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to assess your case. These attorneys can also ensure you have the correct medical information and that you are doing everything to meet workers’ compensation requirements.

Skilled, experienced and professional workers’ compensation attorneys are essential when you have been denied a claim or not provided fair compensation for your injury. To learn more visit the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., at

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