Seed Tender Scales Provide Accurate Numbers

If you are wasting seed during the planting process because of inaccurate measurements, you may want to look into purchasing one or more seed tender scales. These scales allow you to plant even, correctly filled lines, all while having your farm run smoothly and quickly. Of course, there are many other benefits that make seed tender scales a smart investment. These benefits include:

  • Seed tender scales are simple to transport. They can typically be attached to a truck hitch to be transported around the farm. However, this does depend on the type of scale you choose to purchase, so be sure to know all of the details for you make your final decision.
  • A screen attached allows you to view how much seed is in the scale as well as allowing you to tell the computer what kind of seed it is. This allow the computer to remember so the next time you plant the same seed you will not have to specify what you are planting for the computer.

Understanding the benefits of seed tender scales is important when you are considering purchasing a specific one. Be sure to check out all of the possibilities and functions of each machine so you will know if all of your requirements are being met.

How Do Seed Tender Scales Work?
Now that you know the benefits of purchasing a scale, it is important that you understand how these scales function. By adding a scale to a typical tender allows the tender to measure and weigh each batch so that it reaches your desired fill rate. By having a scale, you no longer have to guess that the amount of seed you are planting and the scale will also save you from wasting seeds by overplanting.

Along with the function of the scale you are also able to choose from different types of seed tender scales, meaning you can choose from different designs that will fulfill your needs. Different types include two-box seed totes, four-box seed totes, as well as scales that come with and without wiring, junction boxes, hardware and bracketing.

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