Going for Allergy Testing in Evansville, IN

Allergies are great mimics, often presenting themselves as other illnesses or conditions. Some symptoms are more obvious such as rash or hayfever while others could be attributed to a host of possible ailments. Some people suffer for years without knowing the root cause of their problem. For example, asthma is often related to an allergic reaction rather than being a disease unto itself. One must also consider headaches, itchiness and dizziness as possible allergic reactions. Sometimes it takes some detective work to get to the bottom of an allergy issue. Additionally, allergies can not only be annoying in their own right but lead to chronic issues such as upper respiratory infections, fatigue, and snoring. A good allergist will perform testing to get to the bottom of challenging problems, as well as offer practical solutions for management.

For allergy testing in Evansville IN or the surrounding areas, Click here on drsmithallergy.com for information and guidance. Dr. Smith has years of experience and is Board-certified as an allergy doctor and immunologist, practicing with the Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center. A service such as this will diagnose and treat allergies of all kinds. They will start first with thorough testing. Standard testing usually involves skin test whereby a small amount of various allergies is placed on scraped skin and then evaluated after a period of time to see if a reaction such as itching or rash occurs.

A special service provided by some allergists is the provision of special products to help pet owners keep their beloved pets yet reduce the active symptoms of allergy. Ask about a company’s line of products that breaks down the protein in the allergy-aggravating pet dander. This is usually a wipe for the pet or a spray that can be used on clothing, rugs, and bedding. With symptoms that cannot be explained in other ways, look into the possibility of allergy as a source. Find Allergy Testing in Evansville IN or elsewhere in the Ohio River Valley area to help get to the bottom of your allergy issues. Thorough testing followed by an individualized program of treatment by a qualified allergist will help keep patients enjoying life symptom-free and healthy.

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