Getting Your CDL License

Working to receive any license can be a stressful task; as soon as you decide to become a truck driver, you set yourself up with such a task.  Before you pursue this career, you must receive your CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License.

Research Online
There is an abundance of information on the Internet concerning CDL exams.  You may be able to find some free flash cards of the information that is tested or sample test questions.  Some companies offer online training for a fee, and many states offer information directly on their government operated website.

Attend a School
However, if you are looking to do well on your test with confidence and ease, you should look into a CDL training school.  To earn your CDL license, it will be much like earning your first driver’s license—only it will be pertinent to you driving a large and sometimes dangerous vehicle.  While attending a school is not mandatory for CDL test takers, it is a good idea to attend a school because it will ensure a good grade on your test but also give you an edge on other candidates for positions you may be applying for.

Endorsements and Specializations
Some schools allow you to study a certain kind of commercial vehicle.  This includes driving with passengers, the different types of trucks such as dump trucks, and tractor trailer trainings.  Some people do not know that a CDL can be used for a variety of larger commercial vehicles.  When we think of a truck driver we do not always take into consideration tour bus drivers, garbage truck drivers, school bus drivers, or truck drivers who are in charge of hazardous materials.

Prepare Above the Rest
One way to prepare yourself even further is to obtain real world experience.  Many schools allow you to do this even before you receive your CDL, but with a driver in the passenger seat.  Sometimes wisdom and discernment as a driver can come with immersion — but guided immersion.  This means that you should always be in the presence of a training professional when operating a commercial vehicle before formally receiving your CDL license.  It is also effective to be trained extensively in OSHA regulations—even in those that do not apply to driving your desired type of vehicle.

Want a formal training on how to do well on the CDL exam?  Smith Solomon is a training company with over 20 years of experience in commercial vehicle education.  Read more on their website and consider their multiple programs and endorsements.

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