Getting Kids Involved With Recycling in Hartford, CT

Adults have a pretty clear understanding of what recycling is, how it works, and why it is important. But today’s younger generation doesn’t always understand why this is such a priority. Parents can work together to not only educate kids about the importance of Recycling in Hartford CT, but also get kids involved in the process. A small investment of time can have real effects for the future of the family and the world as a whole.


Helping kids understand how recycling works is the first step towards getting their participation. There are several ways to show kids how the process works. Consider scheduling a tour of a local facility involved with Recycling in Hartford CT. This is a great way for kids to actually see what happens to the items they place inside a recycle bin.


Once kids understand how the process of Recycling works, they need to know what items will work. Families can look around the house to see what items are laying around or are already in the trash that could have made it to a recycling bin. This is a great activity to do together.

Outside of cardboard boxes or milk cartons, be sure to expand the explanation to other items in the house that may not be thought of as recyclable. This includes things like phones, clothes, or even books. While these items shouldn’t be tossed in a bin, there might be local organizations or companies that specialize in these things.


With a working knowledge of how recycling works and what items can be put through the process, kids are ready to participate. While they will still need a little bit of help from the adults in the family, depending on their ages, they should be able to start separating certain items from the trash and collecting them in a recycling bin. Parents should take the time to create separate bins so that kids know where to put the recyclable materials.

Parents can encourage their kids to recycle and also help it become a habit. Kids that grow up understanding and participating in recycling are more likely to continue throughout their lifetime.

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