Employment Agencies – Great in a Pinch or Full-Time!

Whether the economy is booming or sinking, unemployment is a potential fear that any worker may face. In this day and age, employment agencies in and around Jacksonville, FL are a wonderful service to utilize for unemployed workers. They can help you while you’re between jobs, and some may even be able to find you full-time work.

What Are Employment Agencies?

This can best be illustrated with an example: Let’s say I run a business that has an unexpected influx of work coming through and I need workers immediately but don’t want to go through the process of hiring more. I could turn to employment agencies (also known as a temp agency) to provide these workers for me.

Work of all sorts is available through these agencies – from clerical and data entry to manual labor and construction – so regardless of your background, they can typically find something for you. Some employment agencies may specialize in specific fields, such as various trades (plumbing, electrical, etc…) or only construction. These types of agencies are great if you have a certain skillset.

Who Am I Technically Employed By? What About Taxes?

No matter where you are sent to work, you are usually still a direct employee of the employment or temp agency itself. Some Jacksonville, FL employment agencies file 1099 tax forms, but it is more common for them to use standard W2/W4 state and federal tax withholdings. In this case, you will still have the same exact payroll deductions as if you were working a more full-time or permanent position.

How Long Do the Jobs Last?

Employment agencies of Jacksonville, FL may place you at a job full time for years, or you may be needed for just a day. This all depends on what kind of work the market is in demand. Skilled workers and workers with various trades will have less trouble finding steady work through any of their local employment agencies.

Regardless of the reason, you’re unemployed – or even if you have time off and want to pick up some extra cash – employment agencies are the way to go. They work well both in a pinch and as a full-time income.

Stafforce Staffing Solutions is an employment agency serving Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. They specialize in most common construction trades and have general labor positions for those that lack a craft.

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