General Services Provided by a Dentist in Highlands NC

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Dentist

There are several types of dental services that can be provided by a dentist. Dental services provided by a professional dentist Highlands NC office can include cosmetic services, preventative services, and restorative services.

Preventative and restorative dentistry in Highlands NC are the most common types of dental services provided by a dentist. Preventative services are ones in which the dentist works to successfully help prevent future dental problems from occurring. These services can include fluoride treatments, plaque removal, and deep cleanings.

Preventative services can also include properly education patients on proper dental hygiene. Dentists or their dental assistants will often take the time to teach patients a number of techniques used to engage in proper dental hygiene. Techniques that are often taught by dentists can include proper tooth brushing and how to correctly floss between teeth.

Restorative services are dental services that work to restore or preserve a patient’s teeth. These teeth could have been damaged due to plaque buildup, cavities, or an accident that has resulted in broken or chipped teeth.

A number of general dental services can fall under the restorative procedure. Restorative procedures can include filling cavities, root canals, bridges, crowns, caps, and dental implants.

Cosmetic dental services are the last type of dental service that can be provided by a professional Dentist Highlands NC office. Cosmetic dental services are dental procedures that work to improve or enhance the outward appearance of the patient’s teeth. These dental services are often considered elective, as they do not have any health or medical benefit to them.

There a number of cosmetic dental procedures offered by James O. Redmond DDS PA in Highlands NC. Some of the available cosmetic procedures include veneers, teeth whitening, traditional braces, and invisible braces. Some cosmetic dental procedures may be offered by a general dentist, but in some cases a patient may need to visit a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics.

Dental services that are provided by an office that specializes in Dentistry Highlands NC will vary depending upon the dentist. Some of these general dental services will be provided, while some may not. It will all depend upon what dental office you are visiting and what services that particular dentist offers.

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