Plant Elephant Ear Bulbs to Add a Dramatic Effect to Your Landscaping

Spring is approaching. What better way to kick off your gardening projects than by adding a little flare to your landscaping? Elephant ear bulbs are big, tropical bulbs grown for their boldness. They get their name because many of the plants’ leaves are textured and triangular, resembling a large elephant ear. They are attractive and can grow between three and seven feet tall and three to seven feet wide. This can add a dramatic effect to your landscaping or make an excellent garden focal point. They can also be grown near the edges of a bog or near water gardens. If you are looking for a new feature to add to your garden and want to add flare to your landscaping, consider planting elephant ear bulbs.

 Adaptability and Maintenance

Elephant ear bulbs are easy to grow, regardless of your geographical location. If these bulbs were human, they may seem a little inconsistent because every climate or condition can fit this plant. They thrive in moist, warm conditions for the most part. If you live in the south, the great thing is they can be grown year-round.  If you live in a northern area, the elephant ears can serve as a houseplant in the winter months by bringing the plant indoors. They thrive in sun but also in partial shade. In the north, elephant ears are treated as annuals. In the winter, just dig up the bulbs and replant in the spring.


Once elephant ear bulbs are in the ground, they require little care beyond watering and fertilizing. They crave water so they can also be placed near a bog or water garden. The best time for planting them is the spring. Ideal growing conditions include full sun or partial shade in warm climates. It is important to keep the soil most or even grow them in water. If the elephant ear bulbs get too dry, they will wilt. Therefore, it is important to monitor soil moisture. If the elephant ear bulbs are brought indoors, a humidifier can be placed near it because humid conditions are the best growing conditions.

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