Frac Water Treatment: What is it?

If you’ll take a closer look at how the global economy stands, you’ll notice that in the last few decades, the prices of oil have increased a lot. The bad news is that this sudden increase in oil prices will not only affect people in the United States, but individuals from all over the world. The good news is that the US has become aware of this issue and that is why it has taken the step of diversifying energy sources by buying crude oil from various countries. Due to the fact that many analysts have predicted that in a few decades the earth will be devoid of oil, this fear has driven the US to start considering using more natural gas.

Hydraulic Fracturing

When it comes to the Frac Water Treatment, many oil wells in the country basically use hydraulic fracturing, because it makes it possible to extract big quantities of gas. However, in order for this process to be possible, people will need to introduce billions of gallons of water propellants, sand and various chemicals into the ground. These substances are combined and then they are injected at a very high pressure into the ground for stimulating and eventually cracking the shale. This will cause fissures to form which will let the gas flow up to the surface.

Vacuum Truck Demand

Based on info from the EPA, around 4 million pounds of propellants per well and 10 billion G of water is pumped into the ground. This is a large quantity of chemicals and water and the fact is that only twenty to eighty five percent of it will remain underground, with the rest flowing back to the surface along with hydrocarbons and methane. This will result in a high volume of fractured water and because of that, many trucks will be required for sustaining the process. Not only that, but the trucks will also be tasked with transporting the water to the treatment facilitates twenty four hours a day, seven days per week.

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