Four Parts Found in the Average Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago

Pressurized fluid can be used to transfer power reliably and efficiently. Hydraulic power transmission systems that rely on this principle typically include distinctive parts of several kinds.

Likely the most recognizable component of the average such system will be the type of cylinder that is used to actuate implements and accessories for heavy equipment. Companies that are ready to repair or refurbish a Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago like Miller Hydraulic Service Inc can address any associated problem.

A Simple Part That Provides Important Functionality

Most of the fluid within the average hydraulic system will normally be found spread across hoses and secondary reservoirs. It is within hydraulic cylinders that a great deal of the most important work gets done, however.

Each cylinder is responsible for translating the power present in the pressurized fluid into mechanical, useful motion. To accomplish that, a hydraulic cylinder will almost always include parts like the following.

• Barrel: The barrel makes up the bulk of the average hydraulic cylinder and contains all the supporting parts. Barrels need to be designed to withstand high pressures while also being machined to tolerances that allow for smooth motion of other components within them.

• Piston: The piston in a hydraulic cylinder is the element against which the pressurized fluid pushes. The surfaces of pistons will often be designed to enable the efficient transfer of energy.

• Rod: A cylinder’s rod is the element that keeps the piston attached to the rest of the assembly. A rod will normally be machined from strong metal and finished smoothly to keep friction low.

• Seals: Quite a few seals will be found within most hydraulic cylinders, as the pressure of the fluid within the component needs to be accounted for and contained. Seals will help keep a piston mated to the inner walls of a barrel and also be located at each of the cylinder’s ports.

Experts are Ready to Help With Any Problem

When problems arise with a Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago, it will often be one of these types of components that have failed. Fortunately, local experts are always ready to carry out repairs that will address any related issue.

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