Finding Unique Pipes On Long Island

Many people enjoy smoking, and they do it in different ways. Some people smoke cigarettes, while others like cigars. However, pipes remain a popular way to get a smoke. Smokers who enjoy wooden pipes prefer those made of briar wood. There are people who enjoy smoking water pipes.

The use of a water pipe goes back to the 16th century during the Chinese Ming dynasty. Tobacco was introduced to the Chinese through Persia and “the silk road”. This was the name for the route people traveled from China to the Mediterranean, for trading purposes. Water pipes are similar to the hookah in construction and function. Water pipes, also known as bongs, are made from any air and water tight vessel, by adding a bowl and stem. The stem guides air down to the water, where it bubbles upwards. Studies show a lower incidence of cancer in people who use water pipes. There is evidence the filtration process, removes some of the carcinogens from tobacco. People who are looking for, water Pipes on Long Island, should visit Burn. The store sells a variety of pipes and smoking accessories.

Tobacco pipes were traditionally made from natural materials. That is how corn-cob pipes became popular. In the late 19th century, people started making pipes from clay. Clay was cheap and easy to come by. Therefore, it quickly became popular with smokers. However, clay pipes broke very easily, and people were soon looking for another substance. For a while, people made pipes out of precious metals, and pipes became a status symbol. The less-wealthy preferred pipes made out of briar and meerschaum. Meerschaum is a stone native to the Middle East, and briar is the root of a tree that grows in the Mediterranean. People can find briar Pipes on Long Island at Burn. Briar pipes became the most popular of all pipes. Apparently, the trees take years to grow, and the quality of the pipe was determined by the color and maturity of the wood. The best quality pipes were made from briar that was at least fifty years old. Making pipes used to be considered an art form. Today, most of the briar pipes are machine-made.

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