Find Top Quality Aerospace Hardware at Fastener Dimensions Inc.

Are you fed up with looking all over town and through the entire Internet for the aerospace hardware your job requires? Fastener Dimensions Inc. is pleased to be your answer when it comes to hardware, components and fittings. We serve the aerospace, military, transportation, medical, racing and aircraft sectors, and would be honored to make you one of our satisfied customers.

Our goals are to get you exactly what you need, and to do it in a timely fashion. Further, we are committed to keeping our costs low. We accomplish all of this with excellent approaches to inventory, manufacture and delivery, and so have become a leader in our industry and others. Everything we make adheres to MIL-I-45208 inspection standards, and most of our huge inventory – nearly two million items – is completely traceable and certified. A computerized system makes it simpler for us to stay on top of orders and deliveries.

Safe, Efficient, Affordable

You need to know that your aerospace hardware is up to the daily challenges of heavy use and extreme conditions. Not only does the success of your projects depend on it, so does the safety of employees and passengers. We always make safety the top priority at Fastener Dimensions Aerospace Standard Hardware, and our clients know that they can trust us.

In addition to aerospace hardware, we offer a range of precision machining services. Ask about cold heading, wire bending, machine assembly, thread rolling, broaching, tapping, milling, government packing, electro etch marking, stamping, dot peen marking and so much more. We have the skills and equipment for just about anything you need.

People often wonder how we manage to be so efficient and affordable. One of the ways we do this is by maintaining a huge inventory. Further, we keep countless headed, blank pieces in stock. This means that we can make those custom, hard to find and essential items you need, and we can do it the same day we get your order. Better yet, we can even ship it out to you on that very same day. Speedy delivery means you can continue to move forward with your projects and keep your own clients happy.

Please use the online contact form to reach Fastener Dimensions Inc. at any time. You can also call, fax, email or just stop by the Ozone Park office. Don’t waste any more time chasing the parts you need to uphold the safety and quality standards of your business. At Fastener Dimensions Inc., we have the aerospace hardware you need.

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