Financing Your Dental Care Services

Unfortunately, dental health services are one of those services that many people put off until they feel pain. One of the main reasons is dental anxiety, but another reason is a lack of money to pay for dental care. With many insurance plans not covering dental services without greatly increasing the monthly premium, many individuals and families opt for basic coverage that doesn’t cover dental. This leaves families having to foot the bill for all dental work, and the cost of procedures can get expensive, especially if multiple people in the family need care. With affordable dental care options, most families can find a way to get the care needed without going into debt. To learn more about your options for affordable dental care, Contact Richard Boneville, DDS.

Discount Dental Plans

Dental plans are not insurance, but if your dentist accepts discount plans you can save considerably on procedures. Discount plans offer patients reduced pricing for normally expensive procedures. Whether going in for a root canal or a filling, a discount plan takes a certain percentage off the total price. While these plans are appealing because of the affordable dental care in New Hyde Park NY opportunity, it is necessary to insure that your dental office accepts discount plans before investing.

Dental Credit

Dental credit is a specific credit option for dental work. It is a credit card, but it often comes with no fees, no additional costs, and allows you to prepay off the total without receiving penalties. You will pay an interest rate, but if you need emergency dental care or have numerous children that need immediate care, it’s an affordable dental care option that allows you to pay for everything at once. You may even opt to pay for half of the bill using cash and charge the other half with the dental credit.

Negotiating Your Bill

There’s a saying that everything is negotiable. When it comes to medical bills, there is room to negotiate with most medical offices. If you will be paying cash and not using insurance, some dental offices are willing to provide a percentage off your total bill for immediate payment. If the dentist is treating numerous members of your family, he or she may be willing to take payments each month to help you maintain affordable dental care. While there are no guarantees that a dental office will negotiate, it doesn’t hurt to ask and see what you can work out.

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