How To Replace Your Old Kitchen Countertops

by | Nov 19, 2019 | law

If your kitchen is looking old, faded, and out of style, you may think that a total remodel is the only option to bring back the love you used to feel for the room. However, you might want to consider just replacing the kitchen countertops in Kent WA. When paired with a good cleaning and perhaps repainting of your cupboards, you might be pleasantly surprised at how new and fresh everything looks with much less expense. New kitchen countertops are not really cheap by any means although there are less expensive options and more expensive choices, but only replacing the countertops, even with the most expensive possible materials, is still cheaper than replacing the countertops and the floor, the cupboards, the appliances, and repainting the walls.

But how you do decide what material will work best in your kitchen? Maybe you go over to the home improvement center or your local kitchen and bath showroom and everything looks beautiful, but you just do not know how to start making up your mind.

Well the first thing to do is consider your lifestyle and your kitchen needs, but with countertops it would also be helpful to have a very good idea of how many square feet/linear feet of countertop you will actually be buying as well as some color ideas. Now, if you love the current color of your kitchen, then you are set to go, but if you hate it, then now is the time to find a color you like better! Do not buy countertops to match your old kitchen cupboards and walls and then decide you hate them both and decide to refinish and repaint. That would be bad. Measure your current countertops and decide if you want to make any changes, ie, adding an island or a bar.

Now it is time to consider materials for your new kitchen countertops in Kent WA. There are advantages and disadvantages to almost all the options. Natural stone options include granite, quartz, and even soapstone. Generally, natural surfaces are durable but need to be sealed periodically and although they are durable they sometimes can be damaged. Man-made solid materials are very durable and cost less than a natural stone. They can be repaired if they are stained or scratched and they come in a wide range of beautiful colors. Then, there are laminate countertops which are the least expensive option. This surface can be damaged fairly easily with even a knife cut and they are not repairable. However, they also come in some really beautiful colors and the cost makes them a very attractive choice.

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