Family Restaurants in Gaithersburg Provide a Homey Feel Not Far from the Hustle of D.C.

Standing, as it does, on the outskirts of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, Gaithersburg has a correspondingly impressive culinary scene. Restaurants in Gaithersburg cover the whole gamut of food available in that far larger city, often doing it with the kind of laid-back style that hard-working D.C. locals are looking for after days in the office.

That means that a lot of restaurants serving family-style food do brisk business. The Potomac Grill, for example, works hard to create an atmosphere where high-powered politico couples can relax with their children as a way of recuperating. That restaurant and others, then, focus on menus filled with the kinds of American classics that whole families can enjoy.

Appetizers are often a big attraction at such Restaurants in Gaithersburg. Most of these dishes focus on delivering intense flavors in small portions, this being the best way of piquing appetites without making diners too full to enjoy what is to come. As Maryland is famous for the quality of the crabs caught off its shores, crab dips of various styles are very common on these menus, with small, appetizer-sized crab cakes being nearly as popular.

When it comes to the entrees themselves, a variety of classic American dishes can generally be found in such family-oriented restaurants in the area. Steaks are popular with many diners, with many restaurants boasting specialized grills that can do real justice to prime New York strips, rib-eye steaks, or filets mignon. For those looking for something lighter, grilled chicken can be just as appetizing and just as fine a way of delivering charcoal-grilled flavor.

Of course, a family-style restaurant is only as good as its children’s menu. Restaurants in the area work very hard to please these smallest and often pickiest of diners, and, once again, American classics tend to do the best job of this. Children will have no trouble ordering up portions of excellent macaroni and cheese, or the kind of chicken fingers that could never be found in a fast food restaurant. Many restaurants nowadays even offer special vegan and vegetarian plates targeted at such younger diners, a fact that an increasing number of families are glad of.

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