Fabric Swatch Books, Binders and Cards are an Invaluable Sales Tool

As the owner of a professional upholstery shop or design studio, fabric swatch binders can be an invaluable aid. Rather than stocking bolts of fabric, you can present your clients with a book filled with fabric and wallcovering swatches for them to choose from.

While you may have a few fabric swatch books from your suppliers, creating your own custom swatch binder is another alternative. This sample book can even include photos of your previous work, using the fabrics. This can really help to market your services to potential clients.

Fabric swatch binders are also invaluable to textile importers. A sample book produced in North America by native English speakers can effectively sell your product to both retailers and wholesalers. You won’t have to depend on poorly translated texts. The ability to see and feel the fabrics, along with clearly written details easily results in more sales.

These sample books can be made to your specifications, complementing your company’s image and branding. These sample books can also be produced by the thousands, allowing you to send them to all of your clients.

Swatch fabric binders showcase all of your different types of fabrics beautifully. Not only that, you can tell your clients a story, using the fabrics, photos of your work, and creative text.

Whether you are a fabric importer, a designer, or an upholsterer, a swatch book of your fabrics is an invaluable sales tool. If you don’t have a swatch book available already, it’s time that you did.

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