Exploring the Signs of Undiagnosed Food Allergies in Evansville IN

It is possible to have one or more food allergies and not be aware of the problem. Contrary to popular belief, the allergic reactions may not be immediately severe. Over time, they can begin to affect how the body and mind function. Here are some of the most subtle signs that are often associated with undiagnosed food allergies in Evansville IN.

Decrease in Energy Levels

While it is natural to feel the desire for a nap after a heavy meal, people with food allergies in Evansville IN may notice that their fatigue goes a little beyond that stage. When the food in question is ingested, the immune system will begin to attack what is perceived as an invader. That can sap the energy of the individual and make it harder to function for several hours after the meal. For people who notice they feel considerably more tired in the hours after eating, the underlying cause could be some food that is regularly included on the menu.

Cold Symptoms

Food allergies can also produce symptoms that make the individual think a cold is coming on. These can include nasal congestion, muscle aches, and possibly a mild headache. As time goes on, and the food is consumed on a more or less consistent basis, these symptoms will become more apparent. By identifying which foods are causing the reaction and eliminating them from the diet, these cold-like symptoms will begin to fade away.

Shortness of Breath

Other people will notice they seem to have shortness of breath after having a meal or snack. This indicates that one of the foods included in the meal contains something which triggers an adverse reaction. Continued consumption of that food will only make the problem of breathing more pronounced. Undergoing tests to determine which foods cause the reaction and learning to avoid them will eliminate the distress.

Remember that allergic reactions do not have to be severe in order to be serious. For anyone who believes they may be suffering from a food allergy, visit website and schedule an appointment today. Doing so will be the first step in identifying any allergies that are present and learning how to deal with them effectively.

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