Easy Deck Makeovers with Composite Decking Tiles

If you’ve been wondering how you can upgrade your old, boring deck without emptying your wallet, investing in composite decking tiles just might be the solution you’re looking for.

In an ideal world, hiring professionals to restore your deck would be cheap, perhaps even free. The materials would last forever and you’d spend all your time swimming and surfing and never worrying about your deck. Unfortunately, this scenario only happens in dreams. In real life, you either pay a hefty sum to have an expert do it for you, or you forget about your fun-filled plans and do it yourself.

If hiring a professional to restore your deck is out of the question, here’s some things you might want to know about composite decking tiles, the perfect choice for DIY decking.

Composite decking tiles are made from a combination of wood and plastic materials. They’re remarkably easy to install, even your 12-year old could do it for you! A click here, a snap there, and it’s done! Just be sure to prep your floor ahead of time so that it’s even, smooth and stable to work on. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid costly mistakes.

Composite decking tiles don’t rot or splinter, leaving you and your kids free to run around barefoot, all summer long. Worried about your accident-prone toddler? These tiles are slip resistant. They’re also quite easy to clean; a quick wash using a bucket of water and a mop or a rag is just the ticket.

Hate the smelly fumes of bleach and wax? Forget about them! Termites and ants also don’t stand a chance against these tiles. Say goodbye as well to mould and mildew. With composite decking tiles, a quick sweep will keep your deck looking good, year after year.

Feel free to plan your summer barbeques and invite everyone you like without worrying if your deck is classy enough for guests. After hearing their compliments, you might feel the urge to tell them you only spent an afternoon on your DIY project. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if you don’t.

If month-long DIY projects are simply not your thing and you dread the winter months because it means you’d have to slave away outside just to restore the family deck in time for summer, fork out for some new composite decking tiles. You won’t regret it!

To find out more about composite decking tiles, visit Futurewood’s website or call them today.

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