Do You Know How Often You Will Find Mouldings In Mission Viejo CA Homes?

Homes in Mission Viejo tend to come at a premium price and people who have the resources to enable them to live there usually expect the best when they purchase a home. Of course, the neighborhood and its appearance play a major part in all home selection but a badly designed house will put off many potential buyers. In Mission Viejo, something special and stylish is usually required.


A house has to be functional if it is to be a home and the requisite number of living area rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens (and the necessary fittings for each) feature in the buyers mind. With some brand new, just constructed homes, all the rooms may be bare and awaiting the expertise of an interior designer. Other developers (and of course all homes that have already been occupied) put their properties on the market in a “ready to move straight in” condition.

For the former example, as well as selecting paint (or other wall coverings), floor coverings, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings, etc, the interior designer will select and install a large number of Mouldings For Mission Viejo in just about every room in the house. In the latter case, without doubt, the home will already be full of mouldings.
What Are Mouldings?

Mouldings (often written as moldings here in the US) are carved, machined or moulded shapes in wood, plastic or stone that are used in housing decoration to hide or disguise harsh corners or other ugly features inherent in the basic construction of a house. By far the most common Mouldings In Mission Viejo homes will be those strips used to cover the transition point where a floor goes through a 90° turn to become a wall (plus when the wall transitions through 90° to become the ceiling). Often known as skirting boards at floor level, or the English name of covings at ceiling level, these Mouldings In Mission Viejo are available in a huge variety of design shapes on their visible (front) surface. The back and bottom/top sides are plain at 90° to be fitted close up to the floor/wall or wall/ceiling transition.

Mouldings In Mission Viejo are produced in different shapes to decorate things like the archway above a door or the upright portion of a staircase handrail. Circular mouldings will often be placed around ceiling lighting fixtures. All in all, there are definitely a lot of Mouldings In Mission Viejo homes.

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