Discover the Latest Laundry Service Technology Available in New York City

When it comes to your laundry, you need a good laundry service that offers a variety of services to meet your needs. The best laundry services in NYC now provide you with better ways to drop off and pick up your clothing as well as environmentally friendly cleaning options.

24/7 Access

Today’s laundry services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is possible by using lockers. You drop of your laundry with your specific requests, and they fulfill your wishes promptly and efficiently. You receive a text when your clothes are ready, and you can return to your locker at your convenience to retrieve them.

Organic Dry Cleaning

Rather than relying on harmful chemicals to remove stains and clean your laundry, today’s services use environmentally friendly cleaning methods. You will have beautifully cleaned clothing and linens without having to worry about the footprint left behind.


Rarely can you buy clothing off the rack and have it fit perfectly. Laundry services in NYC provide alteration services like shortening and taking in that ensure your pants, shirt, and jacket fit beautifully. They also alter dresses, gowns, and skirts for everyday wear or any special occasion,

Stop By Today

The laundry services in NYC available today have come a long way since your grandparent’s local dry cleaner. These new establishments understand the importance of your time as well as the value of your money. Visit iClean 24/7 Cleaners to see how you can get started.

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