Different Breweries on a Traverse City Brewery Tour

When you go on a beer tour, you might not only want to taste some beer from one brewery, but will want to visit multiple breweries. There are several incredible breweries out there that make incredible beer for all of their customers, and you are sure to love everything you see and learn. Going on a tour such as the Traverse City brewery tour gives you the ability to experience different cultures within breweries, as well as learn some incredible facts while drink amazing, locally brewed beer.

When you go on a brewery tour, you will get the ability to go to several microbreweries that will gladly discuss their process. The majority of microbreweries are known to make beer from local ingredients, helping out their local area while also keeping ingredients pure and natural. Some will brew new, modern style beers while others like to stick to more traditional brews and techniques. Many microbreweries have been passed down through generations, giving you the ability to learn about the family who originally owned it. Others are relatively new, but it is still such an incredible process with many people keeping the whole brewing process alive. Microbreweries sure are an incredible stop on any brewery tour.

Breweries That Serve the Military
On the Traverse City brewery tour, there is a special brewery that aims to serve the members of the military. This adds an incredible touch to the tour but is also something that many active and inactive veterans greatly appreciate. A disabled veteran runs this brewery with the aim to have a pub that reaches out to the military crowd, showing respect and honor while focusing on the bonds of friendship that many experience in the military.

Breweries with Incredible Histories
While America is still a new country in comparison to European nations and other countries, it still has an incredibly rich history. That history does not only involve the Revolution, but also includes several local pubs and restaurants that were created by settlers in the area. Going on a brewery tour gives you the ability to learn all about the historical pubs in the area. Learning the history adds a great touch to the beer, and helps give you a feeling of community with others in your group. History adds a certain kind of richness to any experience, and brewery tour is no different.

Going on brewery tours such as the Traverse City brewery tour will give you incredible opportunities to experience the culture surrounding craft beer. You will be able not only to learn about the process, but the history surrounding the beers and breweries. It is a great trip to take with friends or your significant other.

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