Dentists in Cherry Hill NJ Offer Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very common procedure that many people choose simply because they want to improve their appearance. While there are no health benefits to whitening your teeth, there are significant social benefits. People with yellow or otherwise stained teeth are often too ashamed to smile. By hiding their genuine smile, they appear unfriendly. Strangers may be less likely to approach them, meaning they may not get asked out on dates. Dentists in Cherry Hill NJ can help patients feel better about themselves and smile more often by whitening their teeth.

The procedure can be done in the dentist’s office in about an hour. In most cases, patients leave their dental appointment with significantly whiter teeth. Family members, friends and coworkers will notice the difference immediately. During the appointment, the dentist or assistant will form trays for the patient to take home to help make their teeth even whiter. The formula the dentist provides is more potent than what can be purchased over-the-counter and helps patients keep their smile bright over time.

Getting teeth whitened professionally is painless. Appointments are generally scheduled for two hours to give patients and their dentist time to prepare for the procedure. In preparation, the dentist or assistant will apply a peroxide gel to the teeth that will be whitened. This gel is activated by the light that is later applied. The clear trays may be created prior to the procedure. In the last half of the appointment, the patient will sit still while a light is shined on their teeth.

In-office whitening is not the only way patients can get a brighter smile. Some people choose to use just the whitening trays with gel or professional-grade strips in the convenience of their own home. These methods are also very effective but take longer to achieve the desired effect. Dentists in Cherry Hill NJ offer various forms of teeth whitening to their patients so they can use the most comfortable method for them. Whitening procedures are not effective on crowns and veneers so patients often have their teeth whitened before the covering is colored to ensure it matches their teeth.

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