Dental Care in Searcy: All about Tooth Bonding

Bonding is the process through which a tooth-colored composite resin is added to a broken, chipped or decayed tooth in an attempt to repair it. Bonding differs from veneers in that it is possible to get your teeth bonded with just one visit to the dentist. When trying to get the veneers, you will have to wait for the shells to be manufactured in the lab and molded into the right fit. Here are other important things that you should know about dental care in Searcy and the process of bonding.

Who needs bonding?
Bonding is the ideal restorative dental procedure for a person whose permanent tooth is suffering from decay, and cannot afford expensive procedures such as getting veneers. The composite resin used in the bonding process can be molded and filed to match the teeth that surround the affected tooth. It is also ideal for people with abnormally big gaps between teeth as it closes up the gaps and makes the teeth appear longer and healthier. Bonding may also be recommended to people whose gums are receding to protect the exposed part of the tooth root from damage.

How is bonding done?
The first step is using a shade guide to determine the ideal resin color to match your teeth. After color selection, the dentist scours or abrades the surface of the target tooth in an attempt to roughen it. When the desired roughness has been achieved, the tooth will be coated with a liquid that conditions it and improves the adherence of the bonding material. The application of a tooth colored and putty-like resin is then done. Time will be given for the bonding material to harden, after which polishing will be done. The procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour on one tooth and longer on multiple teeth.

What are the benefits of the process?
First, it is a cheap way to keep the teeth healthy and looking strong. It is a very affordable way to achieve the perfect smile. You only need to visit the dentist once to achieve results.

Those are just a few things you should know about dental care in Searcy and the bonding process. Jason T. Bolding, DDS offers these and many other dental health services. Visit website for details.

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