Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA and Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth or the third set of molars are the last set of teeth to develop. Often, people run out of space in their mouth by the time the wisdom teeth develop between the ages of 15 and 20. This can lead to major health issues and a great deal of pain. A dentist specializing in Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA can evaluate your situation and help to decide if extraction is necessary.

When space is limited, wisdom teeth may be misaligned. The teeth may become angled causing poor alignment of the teeth creating bit problems, jawbone issues, and nerve pain. In extreme instances, the teeth may even turn horizontal.

If wisdom teeth become impacted, meaning they are only able to partially emerge through the gum, they become a breeding ground for bacteria. The soft tissue covering the wisdom tooth, called the operculum is often difficult to see and nearly impossible to clean. This allows the bacteria to enter around the teeth cause gum disease an oral infections. Pericoronitis, a severe infection, occurs when bacteria becomes trapped under the operculum and can lead to emergency extraction of a wisdom tooth. Pericoronitis symptoms include inflamed gums, pain in the back teeth, a foul odor or taste, and pus oozing from the infected area. Left untreated, pericoronitis can lead to severe health problems.

An oral surgeon will examine your teeth and performed x-rays to determine if Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA is necessary to extract your wisdom teeth. In the event that extraction is necessary, the doctor will use a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding teeth and gums. You may choose from sedating medications such as nitrous oxide or an oral sedative. If nerves and anxiety are an issue, you may also choose to receive an intravenous sedative. Often times with the intravenous sedative, people have little to no memory of the actual extraction.

If you are suffering from painful teeth, poor bite alignment, or oral infections, contact an oral surgery to determine if Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA is an option. A trusted oral surgeon will review your history, perform x-rays, and assess your current oral health to determine if wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.

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