Make Your Own Pellets With Pellet Mills In Oregon

Whether you currently have a grain mill or seed processing system, have you considered installing a pellet mill? Pellet Mills can utilize feed and seed processing into pellets for feed for your animals or to sell retail. Feed prices have been on the rise with the droughts and having your own pellet mill can increase the utilization of your current grains and seeds.

You can work with a reputable dealer who installs, services and sells top quality pellet mills in oregon. If you’re looking for a used machine, a reputable dealer will also help you to locate a used pellet mill and can install and service it as well. If you’re looking for a company to service your current milling equipment and are interested in a pellet mill, make sure they offer 24 hour service to you.

A pellet mill is a standalone unit. It utilizes such things as grasses, seeds, sawdust and usually molasses to help keep the materials together. The high heat of the pellet mill will sometimes break down and not having a 24 hour service to call to keep you up and running can cost you money.

Larger pellet mills are usually either flat die mills or ring die mills. Large scale pellet mills are normally the types of mills that produce animal feed and wood pellets for pellet stoves. Your land may offer you this money making feature by using the resources of your own land.

You can heat your own home as well as sell your pellets to customers or to a retail outlet. A pellet mill could increase your revenue of your farm during the fall and winter when crop production is over. Some of your waste from your crop harvest can also be used in the pellet mill to make pellets. This leaves you with little or no waste.

Whether you currently have any type of milling equipment on your farm, ranch or property, a pellet mill can be utilized for more money making opportunities for you. Check out some Pellet Mills in Oregon to find out what type of mill would work for you.

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