Dating Tips for Singles in Boston

Dating in Boston can be tough, especially in a city where the women outnumber the men. No need to worry, there are a few dating tips for you which will help you go from a single in Boston to a happy and in a relationship.

Get Out There and Mingle

You shouldn’t sit around at home waiting for someone to just fall into your life, get out there and find them. Don’t be afraid to talk to that cute guy or girl you see at your next networking event, or chat up the well-dressed person at the store or just strike up conversation with someone on the L train. You will never find someone, if you don’t put in the effort.

Online Dating – What Your Profile Is Saying

Online dating is a great tool for singles in Boston, but make sure you are using it to your advantage! Don’t post tons of photos of your cats or photos of you with the opposite sex. We all love our animals, but going overboard can be too much for people. Posting photos, even if they are just with your sibling of the opposite sex can be a turn off, there’s no way for someone to know it’s just your sibling and not your ex? Stick to photos of just you, and make sure they are showing you in a positive manner – no drunk photos allowed!

Keep It Friendly

Everyone gets excited when they start dating someone new. You get anxious and you want to know all about them, but be cool about it. Start off slow; don’t use the first date as a time for interrogation about your companion’s family, business, friends or life. Let the conversation flow naturally and be careful about being too overzealous, leave the conversation about marriage and kids for quite a few dates down the line.

Dress to Impress

When heading out on a date, dress to impress, but be sure to dress for the date. You don’t want to wear jeans and a T-shirt to a nice restaurant but you also don’t want to put on heels if you’re heading to a Red Socks game either. Make sure you know where you are heading so you can dress correctly for it.

Singles in Boston have it rough, the single women far out-weigh the single men, but you can still find that perfect someone, you just need to know where to look. Be sure to check out URL (a professional matchmaking site for single professionals) and get your profile up and running so you can find that perfect someone.

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