Camper Trailer Repair In Cameron Park: How to tell What to Fix on your Camper Trailer and Knowing When You Are Beat

While most camper trailers are built tough to survive hardships that other caravans have no chance of surviving, they are not completely exempted from developing mechanical issues once in a while on your various journeys. You can however avoid having to carry out multiple trailer repairs by proper maintenance. Below are some of the most common problems that will necessitate camper Trailer Repair Cameron Park.

Faulty electrical connections

Your trailer may develop issues to do with electrical connections. For instance, the seven-pin plug may get damaged, or even the socket found between the tow vehicle and the trailer. This is often attributable to inappropriate use, such as pulling by the cable or rough use, including failing to disconnect the cable prior to uncoupling. The consequence of this is often failed brakes lights, faulty indicators or worse still, failure of electric brakes to activate.

You can only rectify this problem by DIY methods if you are well familiar with camper trailer’s wiring, and you have a copy of the wiring diagram. While rewiring a plug is not rocket science, it is essential that you remember which color goes where. You must also have a basic toolkit consisting of an electric tape, a circuit tester, a spool and a basic crimping set.

Flat tires

Before setting out on your journey, it is essential that you be comfortable with changing a flat tire. To be able to do this, you need to be equipped with a tow vehicle’s jack and a wheel brace. If you have never had to change your trailer’s tires, you may want to ensure that the jack can comfortably anchor on your trailer while ensuring that the wheel brace fits the trailer’s wheel nuts.

Suspension failure

This often boils down to appropriate maintenance coupled with observing your camper trailer’s payload. You should ensure that you don’t exceed the payload lest you end up with a suspension failure. In addition, ensure to limit the speed, especially if the road you are using is unsealed. Suspension failure will require you to call in a professional in trailer repair Cameron Park. Click here for more information.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that being able to perform DIY repairs on your campers trailer require specific skills and tools. You can make things easier by consulting a technician. Contact Vintage Transport Cameron Park for effective trailer repair.

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