Considering Different Options for Landscaping in Weston, CT

One of the fun things about becoming a homeowner for the first time is putting a personal stamp on the property. Along with making changes inside the home, there is also the opportunity to spruce up the Landscaping in Weston, CT. For this part of the property transformation, consider adding some elements that are a little outside of the box.

Creating Different Levels in the Yard: One way to add some visual interest to a flat yard is to build up a couple of areas so there is more than one level. Adding decorative retaining walls and then filling the space behind them with dirt will create the perfect place for all sorts of flowers and other blooming plants. Along with adding visual interest to the yard, those retaining walls will also create ideal places to set up benches that help define spaces for sitting and enjoying the yard during nice weather. For the walls, draw some inspiration from the exterior elements of the home, or go with natural elements like stone or timbers.

When it is all said and done, the combination of greenery, blooms, and other elements will make the attractive landscaping in Weston, CT. Less Grass, More Pop For home owners who are not crazy about mowing large lawns every weekend or so, it is possible to use elements that take the place of some of that ground cover.

Consider extending the patio in the back yard and adding some foot paths that create a circuit round the yard. Along the way, use bricks or concrete to establish the foundation for a gazebo. Along with adding interesting elements to the yard, this approach to landscaping in Weston, CT, will reduce the amount of grass that must be maintained.

For help with the landscaping, call a professional as Northeast Horticultural Services. Discussing the current state of the yard and how the owner would like to use it will yield some great ideas for transforming the exterior space. In no time at all, the yard will look great, and the home owner can turn his or her attention to making some changes in the house.

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