Comparing Epoxy Flooring Suppliers

It isn’t at all surprising to find that many do-it-yourself residential and industrial business owners assume that all epoxy floorings are the same. It is even less surprising to find out these same people assume that all manufacturers of these floorings are the same. In reality, there are some exceptional companies that are very customer focused.

When choosing any epoxy flooring suppliers, there are a few very important things to keep in mind. Selecting a company that offers not only a top product but also top customer support should be a priority for any project.

Support Hours

In most do-it-yourself situations, either residential or commercial, the home or commercial property owner is doing a multitude of things throughout the business day. This often means that surfacing the flooring is not a 9 to 5 job, but can occur outside of the standard business hours.

This may also transfer to questions in planning the project as well as a cost analysis for the flooring. Choosing epoxy flooring suppliers with 24/7 on-call technicians to assist in the project is an option that will not only help to get the project up and running, but that can also be of assistance in the planning stage.

Easy to Use Floor Coating

Not all epoxy flooring systems are easy to use. Some involve multiple coats and very exacting surface preparation. Others are designed to allow for ease of installation that addresses mild to more significant issues on the floor’s surface. The more coats and the greater the need for surface preparation, the higher the cost of the process and the longer it will take to have the flooring in place.

Choosing the right flooring suppliers and the right flooring option is always important. Talking to the SMI Flooring Distributors and discussing issues such as flooring prep, surface irregularities, and even issues with odors during and after application will help you to find the right supplier and the right product for the job.

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