Company Specializes in the Metal Fabrication Seattle WA Needs

Nowadays, metals are used everywhere. It’s used in everything from metal roofs, ceilings, crafts, and special building projects. When a person or business wants a piece of metal cut for them, there’s a company to supply it. Some businesses need a large shipment while other individuals just need one piece. Small or large orders are available. Small orders of one piece can be custom cut and picked up the same day.

Superior Metal Cutting

Specialty Metals has been supplying home and business owners in the Seattle area for 37 years. They work with aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, alloys and rare types of metal. Since many homeowners are creating outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, finely crafted metal pieces are also becoming popular. Metal is being used for ceilings and behind ranges and counter-tops in new or renovated homes.

Informative Websites

More information is available on the Metal Fabrication Seattle WA websites that residents are familiar with. Companies ask customers to “Visit website” to see the many types of metal they work with and the various ways it’s cut. Metal can be sheared, drilled, rolled, and laser cut. Various thicknesses according to a customer’s specifications are cut specifically for them. Many companies store metals in-house and they’re completed exactly the way a customer wants them.

Wholesale and Retail Prices Are Available

If one business wants a large order from a Metal Fabrication Seattle WA factory, naturally a wholesale price is offered to them. At the same time, an individual who’s working on a special project can buy at retail cost directly from the company. These types of individual orders can be ready the same day. Simply log onto the website and use their contact us screen. Customers can also view many other details while there.

One Stop Shop

Various types of products are made out of metal, including pipes, flat and round bars, sheets, plates, angles, and elbows. Everything is meticulously cut to exact measurements. Metal fabrication shops store every alloy or sheet metal for any project a customer wants to complete. It also doesn’t matter how thin or thick they want their metal pieces cut. They’ll be completed to the exact thickness by professional technicians.

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