Choosing Sink Base Cabinets For Your Marlborough, MA Remodeling Project

There are many different decisions to make when remodeling your home in Marlborough, MA. For kitchen cabinets, choosing the style of the drawers, door fronts, the doors themselves, and even the color of the cabinets all create a specific look. 

In the kitchen, there are several special types of cabinets. One is called a sink base cabinet. The sink base cabinets are designed to allow a sink to sit into the base, creating a level surface with the top of the cabinet. Different types of cabinets are designed for specific types of sinks. 

Start with the Sink

There are many different options in kitchen sinks that can be included as part of your renovation. As sink base cabinets In Marlborough, MA are designed for a specific size, shape, and type of sink, the sink should be the first thing selected. 

The most common type of kitchen sink is the standard double, top-mount sink. These sinks drop into the sink base from above and have a lip or flange that holds the sink in place. It is secured to the rim of the cabinet from underneath. There are also undermount sinks, with no rim and farmhouse sinks that have the front of the sink wall is exposed. Choosing the sink first allows you to select either standard or custom sink base cabinets to suit the specific style and design for your Marlborough, MA remodel. These base cabinets will have the same design and style as the surrounding cabinets. Typically, they have false drawers and an open back to allow for easy connection to the plumbing system.

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