Choosing and Caring for Patio Doors in St. Louis

One of the biggest benefits of patio doors in St. Louis is the view that they provide. All it takes to feel like you’re right outside is opening your curtains or blinds and letting the sunlight in. The expansive panes of glass that make up the bulk of a sliding door seem to fade away as you look through them to the outside.
When the weather is good, such a view will likely motivate you to open up the door and step out. The very act of opening a sliding door is as expansive and freeing as the view itself, and you’re sure to enjoy doing it. Fortunately, good patio doors are made with corrosion-resistant tracks so they will open easily and allow you to maintain the feeling.

The frames used for modern patio doors can be selected so that they enhance your decor both inside and out. Color and thickness can be obvious and large or unobtrusive and thin. Thick, white frames provide a bright and airy look that is definitely a part of the decor. Other colors can contrast or complement the rest of the home’s design. Thin, darkly-colored frames blend the best with the outdoor environment and can make the doors seem even bigger than they already are. This is a great choice for people who want to look at the scenery instead of the door frame.

Keeping patio doors in St. Louis looking good is easy as long as you’re willing to do some occasional glass cleaning. To make cleaning the big panes of glass easy, purchase a squeegee. A good squeegee makes it simple to avoid clear cleaner-covered windows in minutes without leaving any streaks.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the groove of the lower track of your patio doors. While a modern track won’t corrode, it can easily accumulate grit that gets tracked in on people’s feet. This will interfere with the door’s ability to slide. If your doors become sticky, simply clean this track to clear the abrasive material. Then give it a good spray with WD-40 to provide the door with a slippery surface to slide on. Doing this on a regular basis will keep your doors sliding perfectly for years.

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