Choose the Best Quality Hair for Your Extensions With Virgin Hair Reviews

Plenty of women love the look and feel of having long hair. They also enjoy knowing the men in their lives like the way the women look with long hair. The problem is, not all women have the ability to grow long hair that looks good. Others don’t want the work that goes with keeping up long hair, but would love to be able to enjoy the experience for a period of time. The simple answer for both of these situations is to use hair extensions or to have a weave done.

Once the decision is made to have this process done, the choice of the hair used to create the extensions needs to be made. There is a variety of hair sold on the market today and knowing which is the best to use can be confusing. The least expensive hair sold for extensions is artificial hair. This is fun to use for a style you won’t want to keep for too long. You can usually tell by the feel that it isn’t real human hair.

The next step up is non-virgin human hair. This is real hair that has been processed in some way. It could have been colored or straightened or had other chemical processes done on the hair. This is a good choice for the price, but it isn’t the high quality that virgin hair is.

Virgin hair will not have been processed in any way. It is the natural color of the hair donor. According to Virgin Hair Review, it can be colored if you choose. Virgin hair will not tangle easily. It doesn’t shed as much as lesser quality hair and will not become fragile in a short amount of time. When quality virgin hair is used, the extensions can last for up to a year. This hair can be washed and curled and, as with naturally straight hair, it will return to the uncurled style when washed and dried. Virgin hair feels great and moves like natural hair should.

According to Virgin Hair Reviews, virgin hair is often not marked correctly by those who sell it, so care needs to be taken to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

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