Chilling – Ice Luges In New York

In winter, warm things up with a theme party. Perhaps, you want to consider everything ice and snow. While you can’t bring snow inside, you certainly can introduce ice into your home. You may to have different ice sculptures as décor both inside and out. You might decide on an ice bar instead of a traditional one. Yet, perhaps the most singular piece you should consider – one that is very popular around the States, is an ice luge.

Why an ice luge, you might well ask? This block of ice that channels your drink to the chilliest perfection creates a certain atmosphere. It can be fun and yet remain classy. Both practical and esthetically pleasing, ice luges at New York parties provide something more to talk about than what everyone is wearing.

Keeping Your Luge Going

If you have an ice luge, you need to be aware of how to handle it. There are certain things you should and should not do if you want it to work to perfection and remain around a while. Consider the following as a brief guide:

  • Setting: When the ice luge arrives, place it out of the direct rays of the sun

  • Water tray: Have someone keep his or her eye on the level of water in the tray in which the ice luge sits. When it becomes half-full, be sure it is emptied. Towards this, make sure it comes with a drain hose or sits on a tray with a reservoir. Whatever the case. Make sure no blockage occurs to prevent proper drainage. Overfull ice luges in New York or elsewhere pose a watery threat to party goers

  • Keep the drinks cold: Place any alcoholic beverages into the freezer prior to the party. While you can pour the drinks fresh from the bottle, pouring already cold drinks helps prevent the ice luge from potentially cracking. If a crack appears along the tube or in the chute, the drink will disappear in it and not end up in your guest’s glasses and/or mouths

  • “Warm up” the luge: While you cool down the drinks, allow the ice luge to warm up about one-half hour before the party guests are to arrive. This is also effective in preventing potential cracking of the ice

  • Put someone in charge: Along with designated drivers have one or more designated drink pourers. They can watch over the ice luge and ensure proper pouring occurs

If you have a special event in mind, consider an ice luge. Ice luges in New York events, and as part of Long Island special occasions are bound to create an unforgettable stir. While you may no longer be the first to stage an event including one, you can be responsible for hosting a memorable affair for all your guests by hiring an experienced and creative ice sculptor to design a one-of-a-kind ice luge.

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