Causes of Foul Smell in a Septic in Hawaii

Foul smell is bound to come from your septic tank if you do not take good care of it. There are many reasons that lead to the emission of this bad smell such as damaged vents, drainage problems or leakage. When one of these problems occurs, you will need to call experts of septic in Hawaii for them to repair or replace the damaged parts. You can tell when the vent malfunctions when you start hearing gurgling noises of water getting into the tank. This will mean that the pressure in the tank is not well balanced. The vent might be damaged or blocked, and the problem need to be addressed immediately. At this time, bad smell is coming from the vent too. Hire someone to clean and check it and also replace the filters.

If the proposed solutions do not work, the problem could be elsewhere. The tank could be full. In such a case, the experts will pump out the dirt and the smell will be gone. The frequency at which it is pumped out will be determined by the number of people who use the tank. On the other hand, even if it is not full, the tank should be flushed out once every three years.

During the construction of the tank, the top should be properly covered. When it is opened for any reason, the top should be tightly put back in place too. In the event that the lid was not properly put in place, then there is a chance that bad smell will come from the tank. The smell is unhealthy and uncomfortable and should be taken care of as soon as you sense it.

If you realize that the problem is not any of those mentioned above, then you could be having a problem with the drainage system. This is the most complicated of all the problems in any Septic in Hawaii.

Bad odor from your septic tank should never be ignored as it could be one of the problems mentioned above. If the problem is not dealt with, it could lead to breathing problems, drying of plants and pollution of the soil, air and water. However, there is no cause of the alarm as all these problems can be fixed by an expert in the field as explained

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