Building a Portfolio for a Model is Vital to Success

Every model knows that the key to getting hired is to one have a good agent and two to have a great portfolio. Now a great portfolio is much more than just a collection of pictures in various poses. In fact, this idea could not be further from the truth. There is actually a lot of thought and consideration that should go into creating a stellar Model Portfolio. Taking the time to make the perfect portfolio can be the difference in making it or breaking it as a model.

Start with a Great Photographer

To build a good portfolio, it starts with first hiring a good photographer. The photographer needs to fully understand all of the needs for the model portfolio. This includes the potential modeling jobs that the model is looking for as well as potential agencies that might be looking for certain features in a model. It is even more beneficial to look specifically at photographers who specialize in portfolios for models. A quick search through their own portfolio can often reveal their past experience in taking photographs of models.

It is even a good idea to make a short list of potential photographers by Business Name and then go to interview each of the photographers. This gives a person the opportunity to ask specific questions about their expertise in shooting photographs for a portfolio for a model. They may be able to provide some additional insight on how they can get certain looks or highlight certain features that will make the portfolio stand out even more for the crowd of potential suitors.

Get Professional Makeup

Now once a photographer has been hired, and a date and location has been set the next thing that a person should consider is to hire a professional makeup artist. This is a potential career, and next to a photographer the makeup artist is the next most important hire. A person should almost never trust an amateur to do their makeup unless there is a long and proven track record. A good makeup artist can accentuate the features of a person just enough to really make them stand out in a photograph.

Finally, a person should take the time to go through as many model catalogs as possible. They should pay careful attention to the types of clothing that the models wear and the different poses that they do with each style of clothing. This will give a person an idea as to what an agency might look for. Of course, a photographer can also help in this.

It may take hours to get enough good shots for a portfolio, but it is absolutely worth it. The time needs to be taken to create the stellar portfolio. If not, then why would anyone else take the time to look at it?

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