Brainstorming Is Easier – Thanks to Dry Erase Wallpaper

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Wallpaper and Coverings

Our dry erase wallpaper at Wolf-Gordon is a highly sought-after product. If you have not heard of this kind of wallpaper before, it is a whiteboard wallpaper that is mainly used in office settings. It is distinguished from white board paint, which can be quite expensive. So, if you are currently decorating your office and need a functional and practical dry erase wallpaper, we at Wolf-Gordon can help you make a selection.

Whiteboard paint, which is applied like a regular latex-type paint, results in the same basic type of surface as a dry erase wallpaper. The paint can be applied to about any kind of material and will cover unusual angles as well as corners.

Whiteboard erase wallpaper, on the other hand, makes use of an adhesive back that possesses dry erase capabilities on the front. The wallpaper is ideal to use on very flat surfaces. Some of the wallpapers can easily be removed and replaced.

When to Use a Whiteboard Wallpaper

We advocate the use of whiteboard wallpaper in the modern office as it is so easy to apply. Plus, it makes it easy for project leaders and managers to work on projects and brainstorm at the same time. If you want a temporary covering or only need a small area covered, a dry erase wallpaper can be customized and sized for use. Use whiteboard paint for walls that do not lie perfectly flat or which feature areas that do not comply with a wallpaper covering.

A Boost in Creativity and Production

One of the reasons companies like to buy our dry erase wallpaper is because it gives their employees a chance to brainstorm or work on projects as a team. Therefore, using a whiteboard is a great way to instill team spirit at work. Many of our clients have told us that having a white board wallpaper applied to a wall is a great way to boost a department’s creativity.

Naturally, utilizing the wall space in the best way possible makes a whiteboard wallpaper a highly valued wall covering. A larger space enables employees to express themselves in a number of ways using such graphics as word pictures, diagrams and flow charts. Being able to brainstorm within a group really unlocks employee potential within a company.

After all, we here at Wolf-Gordon believe that if you are going to use paper, you need to make optimum use of the material. Why include thoughts and projections on small pads of paper when you can use a bigger space that will allow everyone to work together in a much easier and timesaving fashion. Needless to say, when it comes to brainstorming, we believe we have come up with a great product by featuring a dry erase wallpaper in our line of wallcoverings.

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