Evaluating Continuing Education For Veterinary Professionals

If you are a vet then you have undoubtable found yourself behind in your annual professional training requirements at some time in your professional life. Then, in order to get in that required continuing education for veterinary professionals you ended up having to pay a lot of money to attend a last minute conference that had very little to offer in the way of new information.

The Problem with Traditional Continuing Education for Veterinary Staff

When you arrived back from that continuing education for veterinary professionals not only did you have a huge bill for accommodation, travel, conference fees and paying for a replacement vet for your practice, but you also probably resented the time and money that you wasted.

Unfortunately many trainings offering continuing education for veterinary professionals are geared to just getting those necessary CE hours and not to actually learning valuable information. In fact, you may have actually learned more talking to other vets about specific cases during the coffee breaks than you did in the lectures and workshops.

A Better Option

Now, imagine that you could evaluate and even review areas of interest, workshop topics, and even the presenters and attend any of the trainings for continuing education for veterinary professionals that you were interested in. This even includes being able to take the trainings when you want, at your convenience and right from the comfort of your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Now, imagine even further that you could listen to these trainings during your morning or evening commute, when you were driving to and from patient visits, or even when you had a few free moments on the weekend. This would seem like the ideal way to complete continuing education for veterinary staff without the costs, stress and loss of time that is so common with larger conferences that have only a few sessions of interest to you.

This option for continuing education for veterinary staff is not a dream. In fact, online trainings that are RACE-approved are now available, on demand, from anywhere that you have an internet connection. All you need to do is pay a low flat rate to the service to access current, and past, podcasts and webinars all focused on what you need and want to learn to be even better in your practice.

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