Benefits of Physical Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ

If your doctor has referred you to go see a physical therapist, you may be wondering what the benefit will be. While some people who have experienced physical therapy know how beneficial it can be in many areas of their lives, you may be confused about how it can help you if you have never researched this kind of therapy.

Help You Move

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your body healthy is to make sure that you can move freely without pain. Your quality of life, capacity to work, and your independence all rely on your ability to move. If you are having problems moving, then physical therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ can allow an expert to diagnose your problems and help you treat your issues.

Avoid Surgery

Surgery can be expensive and make it so that you are unable to exercise, work, or perform basic daily tasks by yourself without help. If you have a rotator cuff tear, meniscal tear, or disk disease, among other afflictions, physical therapy can help you to avoid surgery. Surgery is often a last resort for most people and being able to heal with some hard work and the help of therapists can help many patients avoid going under the knife.

Avoid Drugs

Opioids have a lot of risks that come with their use including withdrawal, depression, overdose, and the possibility of addiction. For patients who don’t want to use opioids as part of their treatment, working with a physical therapist can help them avoid having to use these powerful medications. Visit to learn more about how physical therapy can help you heal.

Avoiding surgery and strong medications as well as being able to stay independent for as long as possible are good reasons to look into using therapy to heal from injury. No matter the extent of your injury, a good physical therapist can evaluate you and see how he or she can help you heal.

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